Initial D Arcade Stage 5

At a first glance ID Arcade Stage 5 looks very much like the Stage 4, since its only a software upgrade you cant ask for much. Many say that the addition of various courses and improved technical driving aspects are one of the many things that the Stage 5 and Stage 4 differ in.

The new version provides a lot more variation in the customization of individual drivers, from the avatar customizing to the car tweaking, the latest version will more than likely pull its own weight and probably get players to have a go at it.

I say that this is worth having a go at, the very least to say being a fan of the franchise I would’nt mind saying that id want to try this out. Having said that I personally think it might actually be good.


reviews and impressions of 12 ds games.

Excuse me for the boring title but I can’t think of anything catchy today (must be the cheeseburger. it has to be!)

Yesterday I got bored playing The Witcher because my pc is crying everytime the loading screen appears in the game.  So I “acquired” a dozen of nintendo ds games (don’t ask how i got them) and tried every game for about 3-30 minutes. The list goes:

  • Contra 4
  • Super Mario 64 DS
  • Touch Detective
  • Lost in Blue
  • Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  • Another Code 2
  • Draglade
  • Heroes of Mana
  • Planet Puzzle League
  • Tetris DS
  • Resident Evil DS
  • Iron Chef America Supreme Cuisine

Some of the games I’ve already played a year ago but got an itch to finish it again (Contra 4, Zelda, Tetris) but most in the list I didn’t bother touching since I thought they’re bad and boring.


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Victorious Boxers Revolution impressions


Victorious Boxers Revolution also known to its anime version Hajime no Ippo.  Basically its the story line of Ippo on his road to glory.

What makes this game noticable especially for its anime fans is that with the mixture of the interactivity of the Wii players literally do the special punches as how their favorite boxers do it (like Ippo’s Gazelle Punch, Dempsey Roll, Liver Blow, etc.)

This is actually also a good exercise for the arms and the upper abdomen since to dash forward you kinda tilt the nunchucks but it’s easier once to play it rather than read its reviews and such.

Graphics Wise the game isn’t really the sharpest knife in the drawer. It looks like a flat 3d rendered cut out.  But what it lacks in graphics it makes up for face busting action. Its fun, easy to play, and easy to learn.

From what i’ve seen they’ve given the game a low rating but ratings go only so far as to who ever made the review. So I say you have to see it for yourself. Especially the avid anime fans who also like to get into boxing as well.


site revamp

we might. again. hope it goes well though


updates+TF2+featured blog

After 2 months of no activity here I finally got the time to post something (hoho!). A lot of the folks here are busy (or lazy) so yep, sorry ’bout that. As for me, my job is taking most of my time. (for those who care, I’m graphic designer D:)

BTW, you guys might want to check this blog from a friend of mine. It’s called “Gaming Matters” and it tackles mostly about the international as well as the local (meaning MMO) gaming scene. Cool stuff.

I haven’t played some games recently since my day job is leeching most of my “me” time. But this last weekend I had the time to play Team Fortress 2 (again!). The guys from Valve sure know how to make a game last and enjoyable. Personally I’m liking their idea of releasing a multiplayer game that is fun and complete, then they release updates like new weapons and maps to make the game more interesting. The other thing that I like about these updates is that it adds variety on how you play classes via new weapon loadouts without making the class too powerful.

So far the Medic, Pyro and Heavy class have been given this treatment. Medics can now survive alone with their new Syringe Gun, Pyros now have a way to burn you in longe range, and the Heavy class can now survive without a Medic (Thanks to his Sandvich)! Updates like these make the game last, “deeper” and change the metagame.

With updates like these, I dare say that TF2 will last for another year or 2. I can’t wait what’s in store for the Soldier and Scout classes though. Here’s hoping that the Scout will get better handgun and the Soldier having a replacement for his shotgun! Oh! and give the Demoman grenades! And the Engineer a new sentry gun! And the Spy a cigasdlkwnaodnaslnlfknsdlfsdlcvklvnspenfklnsdflknsdlfksndf


Lo and Behold: The Dark Knight

     In recent memory, several experiences have lead in influencing my writing. From the exquisite and unique beauty of Japanese girls, the artistry and innovation of seven-star class cuisine that satisfy genuine palates such as myself, to the engineering genius of super cars that has astonished petrol-heads all over the world……………………………and of course there’s “The Dark Knight”.

     The much-awaited “Batman Begins” sequel, “The Dark Knight”, has reached cinemas everywhere and created a frantic frenzy. Featuring the return of heavyweights Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne) and Sir Michael Cain (Alfred Pennyworth) together with the imagination and creativity of master director Christopher Nolan, this film will surely be one of the best if not the best in box-office history. And with the sudden passing of Heith Ledger, a great actor and strong addition to the film, this has brought the movie-buzz to an even higher level.

Truly as expected, “The Dark Knight” was relentless at the box-office bringing home a staggering $ 155 M in its first weekend where even “Wayne Industries” would have really been delighted to be a part of. The movie is available in both original and IMAX formats, but after seeing it first-hand, it doesn’t matter which format you watch it in.

     Every bit of work that came into this movie was sheer brilliance. From the locations, effects, stunts, CGI, and especially the all-star cast, making this worth absolutely every penny you pay for. And with the supreme performance of Heith Ledger as the Joker, which could even warrant him an Academy Award, I wouldn’t be surprised if you would give time to watch it again.   

     I have been a batman fan since I could remember, and rating this film against the competition might be a little more biased than I would like. So, I will leave the final judgment unto you. But there is something certain that I wouldn’t want to miss saying, and that is making everyone know that I already have that upcoming DVD in my Christmas wish list.    


new VF5R footage

Some proper replay videos from VF5R location test held in japan have been uploaded in youtube. Finally, newcomer Jean Kujo in proper action!